Our Story

Timorphophallus is a national company was established in 2020. The main activity is growing timorese konjac  Amorphophallus Timorensis or Amorphophallus Muelleri Blume species in large quantity based on market demand.

We started with collected the Amorphophallus Timorensis seeds from the forest by replanting it since 2019. Timorphophallus also formed a farmer group  to support the quantity of production while maintaining the quality,  quantity and continuity of the Amorphophallus crop.

We commited to conduct research on other Amorphophallus species that grow wildly in Timor Leste for multiple porposes such as food, industrial, cosmetic and medicine needs. until recently we are ready for cooperation for providing quality konjac corm, chips and preparing seeds for cultivation. Click for More